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Did you know that Syd Barrett is considered the inventor of a whole new guitar style called “glissando guitar”? Did you know that Nick Mason was paid just the same amount of money for driving Auto Union Type D, that the original test driver earned in the 1930s? Nick was even paid in the old Nazi German currency, the Reichsmarks. Did you know that Roger Waters used to play golf?
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Fanklub Welcome to the website of Czech Pink Floyd fanclub.

Fanclub (whose official name is "Pink Floyd fanklub CZ") is a civic assosiation according to the Czech legislation. The aim of our fanclub is to unite people with the same interest in the music of Pink Floyd and the propagation of this legendary band (including the solo work of its members).

The assosiation was officially registered in 2001, but its core was established much sooner. See the history. Fanclub has the official seat in the Czech capital, Prague, but the members all from all regions of the Czech Republic. Nowadays there are approx. 40 members (with the average age of 30 years).

For internal communication fanclub established its own e-mail conference a regularly held meetings of members, but also their friends and family members. We try not to meet only online - internet is the advantage, not a requirement.

During its relatively short history, fanclub managed to organize or assisted on many action somehow connected with Pink Floyd. Let's mention at least very succesful project "The Wall" of Filip Benesovky or "Dark Side Of The Moon" of brothers Kaspars.

Fanclub has chosen the stylish Pink Floyd Café in Prague as a base for its meetings. We could hardly find more suitable place.

If you want to get more information about Pink Floyd Fanclub CZ, contact us, come at some meeting organized by Fanclub or simply look how to became our member!

English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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