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Did you know that in an episode of The Simpsons named The Golden 90’s Homer can be seen taking the Dark Side Of The Moon record away from the house? Did you know that the song Poles Apart from The Division Bell is actually an open letter to Syd Barrett and Roger Waters from David Gilmour? Did you know that although they both recorded tracks at the same studio, David Gilmoure never met John Lennon in person?
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Czech Pink Floyd Fanklub was officialy established at the end of 2001. But there were many year of our common journey before...

First impulse was website of Pavel Šimek - Eclipse Archives, which were the best information source about Pink Floyd among Czech-writen webpages. It was in the mid of 90's, when the internet itself was just a baby and email was used only by geeks and software companies. That was a time when email conference eclipse-news was started, with original aim to inform about changes and actualities on Eclipse Archives.

Since posting new emails was allowed for all registered users, soon this email newslatter became main Czech and Slovak email conference with Pink Floyd as a main topic. The core of frequent posters (and even bigger group of frequent readers) was soon established. It was just a question of time when these people will want to meet face to face, which happened legendary Pink Floyd Party '98 in Prague Pink Floyd Café.

Pink Floyd party filled its purpose perfectly. Meetings became more and more freqent, leading into the tradition of non-formal meetings of people who knew each other from email conference and their friends and family members. It was the core of today's members of Fanclub. By the way, these meeting are still organized, every second New Moon.

The main impulse for setting Fanclub as officialy registered group of people sharing the same interest was first gig of Roger Waters in Prague in 2002. We thought that Fanclub will have stronger position as legally registered group - that leaded to Pink Floyd Fanklub CZ.

Pink Floyd fanclub in dates

1998 19.9. 1998 „Pink Floyd Party 98“ - first meeting of memberes of email conference Eclipse-news and their friends. Although we met each other for the first time (and it was really miscellaneous group of people of various age, education and life experiences), we found our common topics of conversation not only in the sphera of music which unites us. It is unformal, friendly action with good food, good drinks, videos, music and atmosphere.

22.10. 1999 „El Checo Party“. On of the few photographed meeting, named after one the frequent member of email group, living in Peru, South Americe. His journey to his fatherland was very important for us, because it was first time, when so called "butylka" (small bottle for spirits decorated by hand) first appeared. On this and later actions Dark Matter project (the collection of RoIO) get its shape.


Since 2000 we started the tradition of the meeting held every second New Moon in various Prague restaurants. Besides exchanging experiences, thoughts and records we also work on regulations of prepared official Fanclub. This time still without Vlasta M. ;-)


11.10.2001 our Fanclub was officially registered by Interior Ministry as juridical personality. There were 13 people forming the Fanclub these days (icluding legendary Vlasta M. ;-) ). The number of members is growing since that time. Vlasta M. refuses to accept any function except the function of treasurer which he would like to be for ever.

In 2001, fanclub acquires domain E-mail Conference is started, grouping fan club members. The texts on the website has been made by joint efforts of Martin Sykora and Zoran Bonus, the largest value of the content, however, provides Johnny, when most of the material was transferred from his great personal pages devoted to Pink Floyd. The web with the most important sections such as Biography, Discography, Lyrics, Translation and Guides was finished.


12th January is the date when fanclub members meet each other out of Prague for the first time - the place was the log house where tea room is situated in thy city of Pardubice.

23.1.2002 the fanclub participates in the project of Filip Benesovsky and his Friends - The Wall 2002 in Prague club Futurum. It was a great show, accompanied by a scenic representation of the Alan Parker film. During performance the actual wall is built between the musicians and the audience, which serves as a background for the video and lyrics. Fanclub (except for V. M.) participated also organizationally. Preparations for the show are on high level and the result corresponds with that - we are amazed by Filip and other musicians. By the way, we don't know what the future will come.

The official logo was established. From many proposals this one was chosen for its simplicity and universality. Fanclub makes the T-shirts with the logo for every member in black and white color.

10th June 2002 Roger Waters is concerting in Prague for the first time. Fanclub succeded to welcome him in front of the hall with huge banner (saying: Welcome to the Semtex machine). Some of use, those the most luckiest, even succeeded to get his autograph. The gig itself is outstanding! - pictures -

30th November 2002 - we meet in Pardubice for the second time this yeat.


1st and 2nd February 2003 fanclub take part in Weekend with Pink Floyd on Czech Beat Radio. Fanclub made the playlist, commented selected songs and organized the contest for the listeners.

4th to 6th March 2003 fanclub meets in the mountain cottage "Zvonice" ("Bell Tower") for the first time. It becomes regular place for our general meetings. Besides beautiful surroundings and fresh air also friendly staff and family atmosphere makes the place the best place we could choose. We share watching many audio and video shows.

Project Dark Matter became really huge this year. Fanclub started its library - materials like books, CDs, DVDs and other rarities that fanclub members can share. Especially hard-to-get materials are very popular. Fanclub has 20 regular members this year.

In the end of November 2003 (and some of us again in January 2004) visited Interstellar Exhibition in Parisian Museum of Music.

Before Christmas 2003 we meet on first musically-visual meeting. It means watching videos in rented auditorium with great audio system. The action is very well accepted and from that time it is repeated regularly.

Fanclub managed to get many discounts for its members. We get good prices for big orders of CDs and DVDs, tickets for the concerts, group tickets for the trains, price reduction in Pink Floyd Café, etc.


15th August 2004 Filip Benesovsky organizes another gig with his The Wall project, this time at one of the biggest city squares in Czech Republic - Liberty Square in Plzen (Pilsen) as a part of "On a street" music festival. The show has Czech subtitles showed simultaneously to the music on a huge screen. DVD in 5.1. sound is filmed on this gig.

In September 2004 fanclub organizes action "Ten years after", reflecting the first (and the last) Pink Floyd show ever held in Czech Republic - September 1994 in Strahov Stadium. Action Ten years after takes place in Prague Rock Café where revival band RUM P.S. plays. In the movie hall of the café DVD PULSE is played.


2nd September 2005 Filip Benesovsky and his friends plays The Wall again, this time at Zatecka Docesna - Beer festival on western Bohemia region (foto1 - foto2)

15th and 16th October 2005 we organize autumn mountain bike weekend at our beloved Tower Bell cottage. This is the start of small group inside the fanclub called "bike-o-floyd" which organizes weekend and also one-day bike trips.


Year 2006 is full of actions. We have already 30 members. Fanclub continues with developing its website, for example project Floydopedia starts, there is Photogallery section and we started regular discussion forum. The numbers of visitors is growing. We also started our small e-shop.

11th March 2006 - David Gilmour concerts in Hamburg, Germany. Fanclub buys bunch of tickets and organizes the group tour. Especially we remember the atmosphere of winter town and ecellent gig of our guitar hero - photos - We share our feelings in Tower Bell next month.

We also watch the tour of Roger Waters. Some of us go to Verona, Italy at 4th of June, some of us prefer Berlin. There also those who have seen both gigs.

9th September Filip Benesovsky plays The Wall in Brewery Gardens in Cesky Krumlov. Open Air beneficial gig is to gain money for The Day Without Barriers. Fanclub helps with the action (Czech subtitles, preparing works, erecting of the wall during the gig, and so on) but we also worked on our own marketing. This is for the first time when fanclub has its's own stand near the stage. We sell DVD from Pilsen and special edition of T-shirts, made especially for this gig. We also made our own huge banner with the logo of fanclub we started to use on open air music actions. This action get the big publicity around the whole country and we are proud that our logo is on each poster, billboard and postcard. pictures.

16th November, besides The Wall, new project is started by Filip Benesovsky, brothers Kaspars and other musicians. It's nothing else than Dark Side Of The Moon, which is played for the first time in movies at Roudnice nad Labem. Gig consists of complete Dark Side of the Moon but also the highlist of Pink Floyd and Roger Waters' discography. There are also czech subtitles, videos. Fanclub also takes parts in organizing this event. Although this action was to be meant as one-time birthday surprise, it was so succesfull that it was reprised at 12th January 2007. - photos -

4th December fanclub organizes visit to Milano, Italy at the minimalistic exhibition of Storm Thorgersson.


13th April 2007 - Roger Waters's second gig in Prague. We try to reach Roger Waters for non-formal meeting or press conference but we are not successful. We are disappointed only until the first tunes of the concert... Roger is excellent again. pictures 1 - pictures 2 - pictures 3 - pictures 4

30th June 2007 project Dark Side of the Moon reprises in the Pilsner Urquell brewery. Musicians plays on this benefitial action to collect money for Children's home in Pilsen. Fanclub is also part of the action. - pics -

16th August 2007 Pink Floyd Revival Czech has a concert in Prague. We are suprised by high quality of this new revival band and we are looking forward next gigs!

31st August 2007 Filip Benesovky and his Friends take part in Zatecka Docesna Beer Festival again, this time with the new project PULSE/Dark Side Of The Moon. Of course, the gig is a great success. Fanclub made the new design of T-shirts with the picture of the dark side of the Moon. pictures 1 - pictures 2 - pictures 3 - pictures 4 - pictures 5 - pictures 6

26th October we organize winter meeting at Zvonice (Tower Bell). We have more than 40 members and we are pleased with the young age of the newcommers.

9th December 2007 fanclub gets the Christmas present - huge meeting of members and their families. There is llot of food and drinks and also live music, played by Miro Merciak's project Dark Side Of The Moon Unplugged. We are pleased and suprised when Filip Benesovsky and Vitek Benes play too. - pictures -

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English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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