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Did you know that there are several shots of David Gilmoure’s wife Polly Samson and their two sons in the footage of the last Pink Floyd gig? Did you know that the last Pink Floyd song recorded live is Comfortably Numb? The band played it with Roger Waters at a Live 8 benefit concert organised by Bob Geldof. Did you know that the inflatable pig called Algie from the Animals album artwork was made by Zeppelin? After the original pig flew away by accident, the Heathrow airport traffic had to be disrupted for four hours for safety reasons?
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Membership in Pink Floyd fanclub CZ

Fanclub welcomes everybody with the interest in the music of Pink Floyd and even more welcomed are those who want to participate on the work for fanclub.

What membership gains and costs

  • meetings with many sympatic people with various age, accupancy but sharing the same interest
  • access to rare materials and informations
  • presence on actions organized only for fanclub members (show, thematical weekends) and possibility to be part of the team organizing music actions
  • closed email conference (see conference)
  • unique email address ""
  • rules and obligations leading from the membership in the fanclub (presence on the meetings, possibility to vote and being elected to the leadership of fanclub, atc.)
  • price reductions on the tickets and other advantages
  • membership costs 500 CZK (less than 20 EUR) entrance fee and yearly payment 200 CZK (8 EUR)

How to become a member

Fanclub member can be a person of age 15 who agrees with the Statutes (Czech lang., PDF, 84 kB).

If you want to became a members, contact any member of the Steering Comitee. With your application you will be asked to pay 500 CZK (personally on any meeting of fanclub or to be sent on Pink Floyd fanklub CZ, Radlicka street 31, 150 00 Praha 5, Czech Republic).

In your application letter please mention your full name and postal address. Voluntary is stating you phone number and email address (email address is necessary if you want using email alias ""). All data are collected only for internal use of fanclub. It won't be shared, traded or sold.

Your application is formally accepted by Steering Comitee on its closest meeting (several times per year).

Email Conference

Email conference serves for easy communication inside fanclub. It is closed group, it means that sending and reading emails in the group is allowed only for registrated members of fanclub.

System administrator automatically subscribe every new member after he says what email he wants to use in this conference. Any member can be unsubscribed from the conference by sending email to stating that he doesn't want to be in the conference any more. This email is also for announcing any changes of the member's details (for example change of the address).

Address for posting the emails in the conference is

Possible problems:
  • if you are using more emails addresses, be sure you are posting the email to conference from that address that was announced to system administrator.
  • maximum size of email is 25 kB

In the case of technical details, write an email at

English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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