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Did you know that Pink Floyd only performed The Wall 29 times and each time they were hidden behind a cardboard wall? Did you know that in the beginning of The Wall movie, Pink’s father can be seen lighting up a Meva kerosene lamp made in Czechoslovakia? Did you know that Roger Waters used the voice of the HAL 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey in the song A Perfect Sense, pt. 3 from Amused To Death?
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We offer (eshop)

Here you can find several thematic items whch can make you happy or which can please your friend of family member. With buying these products you support our fanclub and this website. Thank you!

triko O.S.M.


T-shirts with the picture of the dark side of the Moon, originally made for the show whith the same name of brothers Kaspars.

High quality cotton unisex "V" t-shirt in black colour. Now we offer these sizes: L and XXL Attention, other sizes are already sold out. Long-lasting printing (chest and arm). How great the T-shirt looks on one's body you can check on many pictures from the Docesna Beer Fastival 2007- here (

Price 300 CZK

triko wall

T-shirt FB - THE WALL 2009

Popular T-shirt with The Wall 2009 motive, first issued for The Wall 2009 show in O2 arena Praha (November 2009).

High quality cotton unisex "V" T-shirt in black colour. We offer sizes:M and XXL. Attention, other sizes are already sold out. Long-lasting printing (chest and arm)

Cena: 250 Kč

triko wall


Popular T-shirt with The Wall motive, first issued for The Wall show Cesky Krumlov (September 2006).

High quality cotton unisex "V" T-shirt in black colour. Now we offer only sizes M. Attention, other sizes are already sold out. Long-lasting printing (chest and arm)

Price 250 CZK

dvd_wall_2009_small.jpg, 8 kB

DVD Video The Wall 2009, O2 arena Praha - Presale

Professional video from concert Filip Benesovský and friends - THE WALL 2009, O2 arena Praha. Offer on approval.

čepice Pink Floyd fanklub

Cap Pink Floyd fanklub CZ - SOLD OUT!

Stylish black cap with logo of Pink Floyd fanclub. Universal size - with metal buckle. 100% cotton.

Price 150 CZK

dvd_wall_small.jpg, 8 kB

2-DVD The Wall, Pilsen 2004 - SOLD OUT!

Fanclub realizes distribution of this 2-DVD. It contents proffesional shots from Filip Benesovsky's project The Wall, Pilsen 2004. The sound is in 5.1 Dolby Surround. Contains 2 discs, there is also bonus (photogallery and video greeting from Nick Mason!)

Price 300 CZK

How to order

  • You can pick-up ordered stuff personally in the seat of fanclub (Radlicka 31, Praha 5 - Smichov, see map), in working days 9 am do 3:30 pm. Please call before you come so it's sure there will be somebody waiting for you in our seat, phone number is: 257 315 124. Other option is to call and ask for bringing the stuff on some meeting or to organize meeting any other place.
  • By post (paid during delivery) - use the form below. Don't forget to mention the size if you are ordering the T-shirts. You will pay during delivery. Price of shipping and handling is approx. 90 CZK, depending on the weight. If there is also cap in your order, the shipping is for 20 CZK higher (special box). When shipping abroad the shipping costs will be charged individually. Only really spent price will be charged to you, we will not add anything to these costs. From the beginning of 2009, Czech postal service charge approx. 5 EUR for converting between EUR and Czech crowns (CZK). This fee is paid by a receiver. The price can be modified if the course of CZK-EUR will vary.

Fanclub is not Value Added Tax payer!

Ordering form

Use only if you want to send the stuff by post!

I order:

  price: how many and what sizes:
Dark Side Of The Moon T-shirt CZK 300
The Wall 2009 T-shirt CZK 250
The Wall T-shirt CZK 250
DVD The Wall O2 arena 2009 PŘEDOBJEDNÁVKA!
shipping and packing see above  

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