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Did you know that the song Mihalis on one of David Gilmour’s solo albums is named after a boat bought by David in Greece? Mihalis is Greek for Michael. Did you know that in an episode of The Simpsons named The Golden 90’s Homer can be seen taking the Dark Side Of The Moon record away from the house? Did you know that the skinheads from The Wall movie were actual skinheads, not actors? When shooting certain scenes, the makers had difficulty coping with their unfeigned aggressivity.
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Mason, Nicholas Berkeley (Nick)

drummer, composer, producer

Nick Mason was born on January 27 1944 in Birmingham and grew up in London. His parents, William and Sally Mason were upper-class people, therefore Nick never suffered from lack of money. It is said that he was a spoilt child that drove a Lotus to school and got away with almost anything.

Nick studied architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic. That is where he met Roger Waters, Bob Klose and Rick Wright. The four founded a band called Sigma 6. The name changed several times, but after Syd Barrett joined the band, its name became The Pink Floyd Sound. Nick Mason is the only member of Pink Floyd, who was part of the band from the beginning to the end and also the only member who took part in making all of the albums.

Nick has also released two solo albums. The first one was Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports, to which Carla Bley contributed largely, although she is not credited. Four years later, it was an album called Profiles. This album was recorded with Rick Fenn, the guitarist of 10CC. Nick has also taken part in making the soundtracks for various documentaries and ads with Fenn.
Nick Mason is also popular with punks. Although they derogatively call him a dinosaur of the musical world, he has helped to produce the debuts of numerous punk bands, such as The Damned.

In 2004 Nick Mason released a biographical book Pink Floyd: An Illustrated History, which is probably the most complete and correct book on the history of the band. Nick does not avoid even controversial and less known facts from the band’s past in it.

Nick is very keen on racing and vintage cars. He owns an extensive collection of cars. His company Ten Tenths buys vintage cars all over the world and then restores them. Nick Mason has also attended the famous 24h Le Mans race or La Carerra Panamericana, the latter along with David Gilmour. They released a video from the race and composed several new instrumental songs as a soundtrack.

Nick has been married twice. His first wife’s name was Lindy and she helped Nick with his contribution to Ummagumma (she played the flute). Nick has two daughters with her.

With his second wife Anette he has two sons.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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