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Did you know that in the song Seamus a voice can be heard saying “He is the real dog.“ right before one of the “dog solos“? Did you know that Syd Barrett reached the sound of the Piper at the Gates of Dawn album by setting all the knobs and buttons at the studio to form an ornament he liked? Did you know that Pink Floyd were the first band ever to use synths for composing music and that they contributed to the develompent of synthesizers?
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Waters, George Roger

Bass guitarist, singer, composer, screenwriter

Roger Waters was born on September 9 1943 near Dorking, 20 miles south of London, just 4 months before the death of his father Eric Fletcher Waters, whom he never got to know and whose death in January 1944 near the town of Anzio in south Italy during the Allied landing was a heavy loss to Waters and the first (and most important) brick in his imaginary wall...

George Roger Waters has two elder brothers, John and Duncan. Roger, as well as Syd Barrett, attended the Cambridge High School For Boys. He inherited his pacifist and leftist views from his mother. After the painful experience that followed the death of his father, Waters transformed his quiet pacifism to what he later called militant antimilitarism. Soon he became interested in the work of the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament. At the age of 16 he delivered a speech he wrote himself at a local CND congress. It was his first public appearance.

Later, he became more interested in culture and his studies and he moved to London, where he attended the Regent Street School of Architecture. That was where he met Wright and Mason and the three founded a band which became known after changing the name several times as Sigma 6 and which became The Pink Floyd Sound soon after Syd Barrett joined it.

Waters was interested in learning to play the guitar. It is not a secret that he had almost no ear for music, but he desired to learn to play very well – although he was a self-taught player and he hardly knew some chords, he performed with Mason and Wright in several bands as the solo, and later backing guitarist. He took up guitar lessons at the Spanish Guitar Centre, but he did not like to repeat the same scales again and again, so he gave up after two lessons and when Syd joined Sigma 6, Waters became the bass guitarist (and feared ending up as the drummer).

In the end, he also left the architecture school (supposedly because he was disgusted by the defining role of economy in architecture), as well as his friends, to pursue musical career.

In 1970, Waters released his first solo album – a soundtrack to a medical documentary The Body (the name of the album is Music From The Body). He released the album along with Ron Geesin. The rest of Pink Floyd accompany him on the last track, Give Birth To A Smile.

Since the mid 1970’s, Waters started to become the leader of the band, which brought conflicts, especially with David Gilmour. These issues reached their peak in the early 1980’s, when Waters officially dissolved the band to continue performing as Pink Floyd with hired musicians. The two remaining members (Rick Wright was expelled from the band in 1981) opposed this and after a series of lawsuits the copyrights, including the name Pink Floyd, were given to Gilmour and Mason.

Roger Waters then started a solo career. During the quarrels he released his sophomore solo album named The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking. It was a concept he had worked on along with The Wall and the rest of the band refused to implement it. Eric Clapton significantly contributed to the album.

In 1986 Waters, along with other artists, took part in making the soundtrack to an animated film When The Wind Blows. One year later he released the classic conceptual album Radio K.A.O.S.

In 1990, Waters revived the iconic The Wall in the most suitable place – by the remains of the Berlin wall at Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. There were 300.000 people right at the square and more than 5 million people watched the show live on TV. Various A-list stars took part in the concert, as well as the army choirs of the US Army and the Red Army. WWII fighters flew over the audience during the show. Waters later released a live album, The Wall live in Berlin.

In 1992, Waters released his so far the most appreciated album named Amused To Death.

After a mid 1990’s hiatus, Waters returned in 1999, when he released a live double album named In The Flesh, which charted his eponymous tour.

In 2005, Waters finished an opera. It is called Ca Ira and he wrote it with Etiéne Roda-Gil and his wife Nadine, who deceased prematurely. The music was released under the same name as Waters’ solo album.

Roger has two children, Harry, who frequently performs with his father as a keyboardist, and a daughter named India, with his second wife, Carolyn.

Like David Gilmour, Waters is a keen supporter of Arsenal.

Roger thinks of himself as a socialist, although he strictly opposes Tony Blair’s New Labour.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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