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Did you know that The Wall Live In Berlin is noted in the Guiness Book Of Records as the largest concert ever? Did you know that in 1974, PF were preparing album called "Household Object" the only instruments should be ordinary home objects (scotch tape, bucket, cutlery...). They made 3 songs, but they were released during the "Why Pink Floyd" campaign in 2011. Did you know that in the beginning of the song Fat Old Sun you can hear the same bells that can be heard in the beginning of High Hopes? It is the sound of the Ely cathedral bells.
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Biography - David Gilmour

David GilmourOn March 6, 1946, David Gilmour, one of the best guitarists of all times was born in Grandchester Meadows, Cambridge. David was raised in a liberal environment, his parents were quite progressive even for the 60s. When David was 17, they moved to New York and David, who stayed in England, had to count on himself since then.

In the beginning, David was influenced by blues and rock'n'roll, both originally American genres. Up to now he feels obliged to Pete Seeger, thanks to whom he learnt to play guitar. He was schoolmates with Syd Barrett for some time, and taught him to play guitar. After they both had finished high school, each set off somewhere else. Gilmour started a band called Ramblers, which soon became Jokers Wild. The band was quite successful at home, although they played mostly covers. Thanks to David's leadership and organising the band did very well.

Jokers Wild then set out for a tour of France, where they mostly enjoyed themselves and had fun travelling and playing Jimi Hendrix hits over and over again. Later, in the early sixties, Jokers Wild continued in their victorious tour of Britain and were soon to release their debut album. However, a mighty pirate radio station got to a copy of two songs from the album and released them as a single itself, ruining the band's ambition. Even today, Gilmour thinks he could have reached just the same success he did with Pink Floyd, with Jokers Wild.

In 1967 David was offered playing with Pink Floyd just in case Syd was not fit to play, which happened more and more often. Soon it was clear to everyone, that David was a brilliant player himself and so he became a regular member of the band. Soon after, Syd left Pink Floyd. David later described coming from a band that just covered covers to a band working on Saucerful of Secrets as a "musical and cultural shock."

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English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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