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Did you know that Syd Barrett reached the sound of the Piper at the Gates of Dawn album by setting all the knobs and buttons at the studio to form an ornament he liked? Did you know that in the end of the Dark Side of the Moon Album a voice can be heard saying “there is no dark side IN the moon” ? Did you know that there is a jazz guitarist called David Gilmore in the US?
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Biography - Nick Mason

Nick MasonNicholas Berkeley Mason was born on the 27th January 1944 in Birmingham to Bill and Sally Mason. He was their only son, but had three sisters, Sarah, Melanie and Serena. The Masons were undoubtedly one of the richest families in London. They lived in Hampstead, one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London. Ever since childhood Nick has loved fast cars (today, he owns a great collection of vintage cars including Trabant or Wartburg for fun. ) He also liked yachting and drove a Lotus to school...

He attended the well known and quite expensive Frensham Heights school , where he was taught to play piano and violin. Soon he found himself much more interested in drums, and the teachers were not very keen on that because they thought Nick had talent and considered the drums a second-rate instrument. Nick wanted to study architecture, become an architect and design extravagant buildings all over the world. His dream partly came true, when he made it to Regent Street School Of Architecture. If he did not meet Waters and Wright, who knows who Nick would be today... Originally Nick lived with Rick Wright, with whom he had much in common, in a flat in Highgate. Later, they moved and Waters, Barrett and Bob Klose lived there.

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English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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