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Did you know that in 1974, PF were preparing album called "Household Object" the only instruments should be ordinary home objects (scotch tape, bucket, cutlery...). They made 3 songs, but they were released during the "Why Pink Floyd" campaign in 2011. Did you know that the bass line from Goodbye Cruel World is taken from See Emily Play? Did you know that there are just two songs with Nick Mason credited as the only author? They are The Grand Vizier’s Garden Party and Speak To Me, which was only credited to him because of the royalties.
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Biography - Roger Waters

Roger WatersRoger Waters was born on September 6, 1943, in Cambridge, just four months before the death of his father Eric Fletcher Waters, whom he never got to know and whose death in Anzio in 1944 during the WWII allied landings in Italy was a great loss to Waters. He considers it the first, and most important brick in his wall...

George Roger Waters has two elder brothers, John and Duncan. Like Syd Barrett, Roger, too, attended the Cambridge High School for Boys and adopted his mother's leftist and pacifist views. He would become what he later described as "a militant antimilitarist." Soon he became intrested in the work of CND, Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament. He even gave a speech he had written himself at one of the CND meetings, at the age of 16.

When he moved to London, he became much more intrested in his education and culture. He made it to Regent Street School of Architecture, where he started a band called Sigma 6 with Wright and Mason. The band then changed its name a few times, before it became The Pink Floyd Sound.

Waters wanted to learn to play guitar. Although he did not have the ear for music, he learned it quite well, even though he was a self-taught player and could hardly play a few chords, he played with Mason and Wright in several bands. He took guitar lessons at Spanish Guitar Centre, but was bored by repeating scales over and over, so he gave up and began to play bass guitar with Sigma 6, when Syd became part of the band. (Reportedly he was afraid of becoming a drummer in the end.)

In the end he, like his friends, gave up school to become a musician (Roger in particular because he was "disgusted by the dominant role of economy in architecture").

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English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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