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Did you know that Syd Barrett is considered the inventor of a whole new guitar style called “glissando guitar”? Did you know that on the Wall tour Rick Wright was no longer a member of the band and only played as a hired musician? Did you know that although Meddle contains the anthem of Liverpool FC, Waters is a devoted supporter of the London “Gunners” Arsenal FC?
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the division bell

The Division Bell

release date:

3.4. 1994

catalog numbers:

LP (1994) - EMI 8 28984 1
LP (1994) - Columbia C 64200 (colour vinyl)
CD (1994) - EMI 8 28984 2
CD (1994) - Columbia CK 64200
minidisc (1994) - EMI MDEMD 1055
CD (1994) - Columbia CM 64200
MC (1994) - EMI 8 28984 3


  • Cluster One
  • What Do You Want From Me
  • Poles Apart
  • Marooned
  • A Great Day For Freedom
  • Wearing The Inside Out
  • Take It Back
  • Coming Back To Life
  • Keep Talking
  • Lost For Words
  • High Hopes


Recorded at the following studios: Astoria Recording studio, London, Britannia Row recording studios, Abbey Road recording studios, Metropolis studios, The Creek recording studios
Producers: Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour
Orchestra conducted by: Michael Kamen
Artwork: Storm Thorgerson
Sculptures: Aden Hynes, John Robertson according to drawings by Keith Breeden
Graphics, photography, art: Tony May, Rubert Truman, Stephen Piotrowski, Peter Curzon, Ian Wright, John Whitely and Sally Norris
Pink Floyd management: Steve O´Rourke, EMKA Production, London

Jon Carin - keyboards, programming
Tim Renwick - guitars
Guy Pratt - bass guitar
Gary Wallis - percussion and programming
Dick Parry - tenorsaxophone
Bob Ezrin - keyboards and percussion
Sam Brown, Durga McBroom, Carol Kenyon, Jackie Sheridan, Rebecca Leigh-White - backing vocals


So far the last, immensely successful Pink Floyd album, which sold 465.000 copies in the first week in the US. The release was accompanied by an extensive advertising campaign, which included Pink Floyd zeppelins and Pink Floyd VW Golf cars. ("Pink Floyd - Division Bell Edition").
Pink Floyd successfully toured the world following the release of the album (the tour was sponsored by Volkswagen). A record-breaking number of 115.000 fans came to see the concert in Strahov, Prague, including Czech Republic's then president, Václav Havel, who met the band in Prague and had dinner with them.
English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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