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Did you know that during one of the concerts Roger Waters told a drunk fan to come closer to the stage and then spat on him? Did you know that the band never played In The Flesh? live? At The Wall concerts it was always played by a substitute band and no other Pink Floyd gigs included the song. Did you know that Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict (song released on the Ummagumma album) is the longest name for a rock song ever?
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The Final Cut

release date:

21.3. 1983

catalog numbers:

LP (1983) - Harvest SHPF 1983
LP (1983) - Columbia QC 38243
CD (1986) - EMI CDP 46129 2
CD (1994) - EMI 8 31242 2 (digital remaster)
CD (????) - Columbia CK 38243
CD (????) - Columbia 28DP 5009 (only in Japan)
minidisc (1994) - Columbia CM 38243


  • The Post War Dream
  • Your Possible Pasts
  • One Of The Few
  • The Hero's Return
  • The Gunner's Dream
  • Paranoid Eyes
  • Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert
  • The Fletcher Memorial Home
  • Southampton Dock
  • The Final Cut
  • Not Now John
  • Two Suns In The Sunset


Recorded at Mayfair, Olympic, Abbey Road, Eel Pie, Audio International, RAK, Hookend and The Billiard Room, July to December 1982.
Producers: Roger Waters, James Guthrie and Michael Kamen
Artwork: Roger Waters
Photography: Willie Christie
Graphics: Artful Dodgers
Pink Floyd management: Steve O'Rourke

Michael Kamen - keyboards, piano, harmonium
Andy Bown - keyboards Hammond
Ray Cooper - percussion
Andy Newmark - drums on Two Suns In The Sunset
Raphael Ravenscroft - tenorsaxophone


Considered not quite the top musically, but lyrically very strong, anti-war and humanist oriented. There is no doubt that the album features songs that didn't fit in The Wall. Originally, it was meant to be an OST to The Wall film, but then the band decided to make it an album.
There is an inscription on the cover which reads: requiem for post war dream by Roger Waters, performed by Pink Floyd. Right under that: Pink Floyd are: Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason. Rick Wright did not take part in the recording and was not a member of the band at the time. Nick Mason in his own words just “drummed what he had to.” Only Gilmour was permitted to take part by recording a few short solos.
The last song did not even feature Mason, but Andy Newmark, on the drums. The recording of The Final Cut meant the definitive dissolution of Pink Floyd.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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