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Did you know that Money from the Dark Side Of The Moon album is the most played song on American radio stations ever? Did you know that the Pink Floyd pig appears in Alfonso Cuarón’s Children Of Men ? Did you know that the name of the Pink Floyd Division Bell album was suggested by Douglas Adams, the author of the cult classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
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a momentary lapse of reason

A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

release date:

7.9. 1987

catalog numbers:

LP (1987) - EMI EMD 1003
LP (1987) - EMI EMDS 1003 (with poster)
LP (1987) - Columbia OC 40599
CD (1987) - EMI CDP 7 48068 2
CD (1987) - Columbia CK 40599
CD (1987) - Columbia 32DP 820 (limitovaná promo série ve speciálním obalu, pouze v Japonsku)
LP (1988) - EMI 7 48068 0 (white vinyl, with poster, only in Netherlands)
CD (1992) - EMI 7 80571 2 (jako součást kolekce "Shine On")
minidisc (1994) - Columbia CM 40599


  • Signs Of Life
  • Learning To Fly
  • The Dogs Of War
  • One Slip
  • On The Turning Away
  • Yet Another Movie
  • Round And Around
  • A New Machine (part 1)
  • Terminal Frost
  • A New Machine (part 2)
  • Sorrow


Recorded in the following studios: Astoria (Hampton), Britannia Row Studios (London), A & M Studios (Los Angeles), Can Am Studios (Los Angeles) Village Recorder (Los Angeles), Mayfair (London), Audio International (London).
Producers: Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour
Artwork: Storm Thorgerson and NEXUS
Graphics: Andrew Ellis, Icon, London
Photography and artwork: Robert Dowling, Robert Mort, Mekon, David Bailey
Pink Floyd management: Steve O'Rourke, EMKA Production, London

Richard Wright - Kurzweil and Hammond keyboards, vocals
Bob Ezrin - keyboards, percussion, sequencers
Tony Levin - bass guitar
Jim Keltner - drums
Steve Forman - percussion
Jon Carin - keyboards
Tom Scott - altsaxophone, sopransaxophone
Scott Page - tenorsaxophone
Carmine Appice - drums
Pat Leonard - synths
Bill Payne - Hammond organ
Michael Landau - acoustic guitar
John Halliwell - saxophone
Darlene Koldenhaven, Carmen Twillie, Phyllis St. James, Donnie Gerrard - backing vocals


David Gilmour and Nick Mason to the scene as Pink Floyd with this album. Rick Wrighttook part in the recording as an external collaborator and joined in during the latter sessions. part of the band again when he played the keyboards on the Pink Floyd world tour that succeeded the album.
The album was criticised by Waters'fans. Roger officially left the band in 1986 and expected the band to dissolve immediately. There were lawsuits for the right to use the name Pink Floyd, and after numerous appeals this right was granted to Gilmour, Mason and Wright. Waters got the money for using the inflatable pig he invented at live shows.
Many external collaborators took part in the recording of the album, which somewhat lacked Waters' outstanding ability as a lyricist (Gilmour considers himself a bad lyricist). A Momentary Lapse Of Reason shows a different style, a change from the Pink Floyd sound from the sixties and seventies. Its overall atmosphere is largely different from The Wall or The Final Cut, not to mention the older releases.
Fun fact: the beds are all real and there was about 800 of them...
English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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