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Did you know that in an episode of The Simpsons named Homerpalooza Homer kicks a cannon and the famous Pink Floyd pig drops out of it? Did you know that The Wall could have been a triple album? The material that didn’t make it to the Wall album later became part of Final Cut. Did you know that there are several shots of David Gilmoure’s wife Polly Samson and their two sons in the footage of the last Pink Floyd gig?
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amused to death

Amused To Death

release date:

7.9. 1992

catalog numbers:

CD (1992) - SONY COL 4687612
LP (1992) - SONY COL 4687610 (2LP-box, limited edition)


  • The Ballad Of Bill Hubbart
  • What God Wants, part 1
  • Perfect Sense, part 1
  • Perfect Sense, part 2
  • The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
  • Late Home Tonight, part 1
  • Late Home Tonight, part 2
  • Too Much Rope
  • What God Wants, part 2
  • What God Wants, part 3
  • Watching TV
  • Three Wishes
  • It's A Miracle
  • Amused To Death

Recorded in the following studios: The Billiard Room, Olympic Studios, CTS Studios, Angel Studios, Abbey Road Studios, London; Compass Point Studios, Nassau; Devonshire Studios, Evergreen Recording, Johnny Yuma Recording, Los Angeles
Produced by: Patrick Leonard and Roger Waters
Artwork: Christopher Austopehuk, Mark Burdett, Paul M. Martin, Tony Kaye, Richard Haughton

- There were too many musicians involved in the recording to be listed here. You can find the complete list here.


According to both the fans and the critics, Amused to Death is Roger Waters‘ best album ever (for many, this includes even the Pink Floyd albums). There are catchy tunes, interesting intermezzos, so typical of Pink Floyd albums, not to mention the concept, even though it is not as clear as with the other Waters‘ works, Radio K.A.O.S. or The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking. War seizes to be the common theme of the songs (although it is still present, but this time it is the Persian Gulf War rather than WWII). Amused to death focuses mostly on TV and its impact on people's lives and psychology.
Perhaps that is the reason why the album sounds so anti-american (which had negative impact on the sales in the USA).
With this album, Waters left the themes of war and the pain from the loss of his father behind. He dedicated it to Private William Hubbard. With Hubbard. Roger spent countless hours speaking with Hubbard's friend Alf Razzell about death, the meaning of wars and other negative thing and their impact on people and was inspired.
Another interesting thing is that Roger recorded many different guitar parts as well as plenty other instruments, except one – the bass guitar, his „typical“ instrument. He only shared the bass part on It's A Miracle with James Johnson.  Back
English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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