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Did you know that Pink Floyd donated 590 000 pounds to schools for mentally challenged children? Did you know that on the Radio KAOS album Roger Waters cites Prague among places where people “feel at home”? Did you know that the bass line from Goodbye Cruel World is taken from See Emily Play?
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the pros and cons of hitch hiking

The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking

release date:

8.5. 1984

catalog numbers:

LP (1984) - EMI Harvest SHVL 2401051
CD (????) - EMI CDP 7 46865 2


  • 4.30 am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
  • 4.33 am (Running Shoes)
  • 4.37 am (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies)
  • 4.39 am (For The First Time Today, part 2)
  • 4.41 am (Sexual Revolution)
  • 4.47 am (The Remains Of Our Love)
  • 4.50 am (Go Fishing)
  • 4.56 am (For The First Time Today, part 1)
  • 4.58 am (Dunroamin´ Duncarin´ Dunlivin´)
  • 5.01 am (The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking)
  • 5.06 am (Every Stranger´s Eyes)
  • 5.11 am (Moment Of Clarity)


Recorded at Eel Pie Studios and The Billiard Room, February to December 1983
Produced by: Roger Waters and Michael Kamen
Artwork: Roger Waters and Gerald Scarfe
Graphics and booklet: Gerald Scarfe
Photography: Alex Henderson

Andy Bown - hammond keyboards, 12 string guitar
Ray Cooper - percussion
Eric Clapton - solo guitar
Michael Kamen - piano
Andy Newmark - drums
David Sanborn - sax
Roger Waters - guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Madeline Bell, Katie Kisson, Doreen Chanter - backing vocals
Raphael Ravenscroft, Kevin Flanagan, Vic Sullivan - strings
Michael Kamen - conductor of the National Philharmonic Orchestra

Voices, actors
Andy Quigley - Welshman
Beth Porter - Wife
Roger Waters - Man
Cherry Vanilla - Hitch hiker and Waitress
Manning Redwood a Ed Bishop - Truck drivers
Jack Palance - "Hell's Angel"
Madeline Bell - his girlfriend


První skutečně sólové album Rogera Waterse ( Music From The Body was a Waters – Ron Geesin collaboration and a soundtrack). It is a classic concept album, typical of Waters. The plot is quite complicated , because Waters conceived the album as a dream a man is having at a particular moment right before the dawn (see the song names), and the dream is indeed a confusing one (it takes place in Germany, England, Wyoming and Los Angeles, apart from the man's relatives it features terrorists, truck drivers, bikers, roadhouse waitresses...) We wholeheartedly recomend you to read Waters‘ own explanation. Waters managed to convince Eric Clapton to collaborate on the album, but after the experience, Clapton refused to work with Waters anymore. One has to admit that in terms of music it is not that much of a masterpiece, as it only features several musical motifs which repeat themselves in many songs, usually unchanged. It is clear that Waters focused primarily on the story, which, although compicated, is very interesting.
The cover of the American version has the girl's butt censored.  Back
English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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