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Did you know that the skinheads from The Wall movie were actual skinheads, not actors? When shooting certain scenes, the makers had difficulty coping with their unfeigned aggressivity. Did you know that on the Radio KAOS album Roger Waters cites Prague among places where people “feel at home”? Did you know that Pink Floyd needed 49 trucks to move all the things necessary for the Division Bell tour?
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Crazy Diamond - Complete Syd Barrett

release date:

26.4. 1993

catalog numbers:

CD (1993) - Harvest CDS 7 81412 2
CD (1993) - EMI SYDBOX 1


Album The Madcap Laughs with bonus tracks:
  • Terrapin
  • No Good Trying
  • Love You
  • No Man's Land
  • Dark Globe
  • Here I Go
  • Octopus
  • Golden Hair
  • Long Gone
  • She Took A Long Cold Look
  • Feel
  • If It's In You
  • Late Night
  • Octopus (take 1 a take 2)
  • No Good Trying (take 5)
  • Love You (take 1 a take 3)
  • She Took A Long Cold Look (take 4)
  • Golden Hair (take 5)
Album Barrett with bonus tracks:
  • Baby Lemonade
  • Love Song
  • Dominoes
  • It Is Obvious
  • Rats
  • Maisie
  • Gigolo Aunt
  • Waving My Arms In The Air
  • I Never Lied To You
  • Wined And Dined
  • Wolfpack
  • Effervescing Elephant
  • Baby Lemonade (take 1)
  • Waving My Arms In The Air (take 1)
  • I Never Lied To You (take 1)
  • Love Song (take 1)
  • Dominoes (take 2)
  • It Is Obvious (take 2)
Album Opel with bonus tracks:
  • Opel (take 9)
  • Clowns And Jugglers (Octopus)
  • Rats (původní dvoustopé demo)
  • Golden Hair (take 6)
  • Dolly Rocker (nahráno při práci na albu "Barrett", jediná známá dochovaná kopie)
  • Word Song (nahráno při práci na albu "Barrett", jediná známá dochovaná kopie)
  • Wined And Dined (původní dvoustopé demo)
  • Swan Lee (Silas Lang) (take 5)
  • Birdie Hop (původní dvoustopé demo)
  • Let's Split (nahráno při práci na albu "Barrett", jediná známá dochovaná kopie)
  • Lanky, part 1 (jediná známá kopie)
  • Wouldn't You Miss Me (Dark Globe)
  • Milky Way (take 5)
  • Golden Hair (instrumental version, take 1)
  • Gigolo Aunt (take 9)
  • It Is Obvious (take 3)
  • It Is Obvious (take 5)
  • Clowns And Jugglers (take 1)
  • Late Night (take 2)
  • Effervescing Elephant (take 2)


A re-release of The Madcap Laughs, Barrett and Opel with bonus tracks. There was a beautiful colourful booklet in the box.
It is probably a complete collection of all the solo material Syd and his friends ever recorded and is preserved until now (most of the foiled takes were deleted immediately after their authors realized they could not be used).
„Take X“ means the serial number of the take. The same song was recorded many times and then the best take was chosen (although not always the way the producers, mainly David Gilmour) , wished)..
Another interesting thing about the unfinished takes is that they include authentic conversations and comments of the sound engineers and musicians.  Back
English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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