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Did you know that in the beginning and the end of The Wall album Roger can be heard saying “Isn’t this where ... we came in?” Did you know that Pink Floyd only performed The Wall 29 times and each time they were hidden behind a cardboard wall? Did you know that during the bridge of the song High Hopes, a quiet harp can be heard?
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Photo gallery

The purpose of the gallery is to gather sets of pictures and videos from concerts, which were taken unofficially by the fans. The quality of these pictures is often very good or even professional and it is a pity that many of these are scattered throughout the internet.

The adding of pictures to this list has its rules, which are obligatory for the photographers:
1) is not liable for copyright infringement if the pictures were taken ilegally. In that case, the author of the pictures is responsible.
2) No pictures are stored on the server. The pictures are published on other servers, this site only features links. No pictures are visually presented (displayed) on our server.
3) If you would like to have a series of pictures related to that are published on another server listed here, please send a link to the webmaster (
4) Before we publish the link, we will always get in touch with the author of the pictures and ask them whether they agree with the listing of the link. Without that, the set cannot be added.
5) The links are sorted by artist and then chronologically by the date of the event.
6) The author (name, email) of the pictures will only be given if they wish to.

David Gilmour

"On An Island" Tour (2006)

Roger Waters

"The Wall Live" Tour (2011) "The Wall Live" Tour (2010) "In The Flesh" Tour (2002) "The Dark Side Of The Moon" Tour (2006-2008)

Czech Pink Floyd Tribute Shows (Filip Benešovský, the Kašpar brothers etc.)

"The Wall" "Dark Side Of The Moon - the Kašpar brothers" "Odvrácená strana Měsíce (Dark Side Of The Moon) - Filip Benešovský & the Kašpar brothers"

Other events related to Pink Floyd

English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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