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Did you know that Nick Mason does not like to eat the crust of a pie? You can see that in the Live At Pompeii movie during one of the Dark Side recording sessions. Did you know that Nick Mason is the only person to be a member of Pink Floyd all the time the band existed? Did you know that in 1967 Pink Floyd were recording Piper At The Gates Of Dawn at Abbey Road studios almost simultaneously with The Beatles, who were working on Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?
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Delicate Sound Of Thunder

An album and a video.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd chose this song (Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-5) to be the opening one in almost all of their 200 concerts. Unfortunately, the overall impression is not so perfect because of Scotty Page's saxophone part, which is far from excellent.

Signs Of Life

(video version only)
Althought the song is not very attractive as for the light effects, it gives the audience a unique chance to watch Pink Floyd "doing their thing." Unfortunately, the video was recorded from the screen at the show, instead of directly at the stage.

Learning To Fly

This version slightly differs from the studio one. Gilmour let Renwick play more solos and he himself focused on singing.
It is a pity that the film that was screened during the show was not shown in its entirety on the video. Some of the fans particularly disliked this aspect.

Yet Another Movie

(omitted form the video)
Although this version is slightly different (it includes echo), it is very close to the studio original, including the dialogues.
The drummers, Mason and Wallis, used phosphorescent drum sticks, which glowed in the dark, creating an unforgettable effect for the fans. Some shots of the song were actually used in the video, but we can't hear the entire song.

Round And Round

(omitted from the video)
Here the song is listed separately, not together with Yet Another Movie, which makes it one of the shortest Pink Floyd songs ever.


Slightly longer, but otherwise the same as the album version.

The Dogs Of War

Gilmour plays a part in the video, made by Storm Thorgerson, that was screened during the performance.
In this version we can hear more guitar than on the album.

On The Turning Away

The only difference from the album version is the use of different keyboards and an additional short guitar solo.

One Of These Days

The second CD is opened by one of the more "oldies" Pink Floyd classics. We can see another inflatable pig, whose sex had been changed to avoid copyright infringement. However, at the end of the film the ironic credits read: Original pig concept - Roger Waters.


The enjoyable Wright's vocal is a welcome variegation to the song. In the film version we can see Ian Eames' animations, including Mason's glowing drum sticks (an effect borrowed from Yet Another Movie).

On The Run

(pouze na videu)
The song is accompanied by a new video, the theme of which is paranoia, as in the case of the older one.
The original bed that crashed on the stage in flames was later replaced by a creature with wings (dubbed Icarus) that did the same thing.

The Great Gig In The Sky

(pouze na videu)
Although they were very good, not even three backing vocalist could truly substitute for Clare Torry.
The fireworks we can see in the video come from the Versalilles show.

Wish You Were Here

Gilmour and Renwick play an acoustic guitar duet.

Us And Them

(omitted from the vinyl version)
More videos are screened than usual. However, some can only be seen partially in the corner of the screen.


(omitted from the video and MC versions)
This song was prolonged to over 10 minutes, mainly because of many solos performed by almost everyone on the stage. The amazing mix changed with every concert (and Pratt was often criticised for his reggae style which did not really fit the shows).

Another Brick In TheWall, part 2

(omitted from the video version)
The complete classic including the children's choir part (played back), but with radically remade ending with guitar and bass guitar solos. The song was perfect especially when it involved an invention of Pink Floyd, the so called Azimuth Coordinator, which made it possible for the band to controll "from where we hear the sound coming." The audiences felt as if the sound of the choir moved around the hall.

Comfortably Numb

Although usually Guy Pratt used to replace Waters in this song, in the video we can see Jon Carin and Rick Wright playing the parts of Pink and the doctor.
Mirror balls might seem a bit outdated, but the way Pink Floyd used it made it one of the highlights of the show, mainly because it opened and "flowered" like a giant blossom in colourful light.
Unfortunately, this effect can't be seen in the video and director Isham made a few minor mistakes, such as that when we can hear Gilmour's guitar from the speakers at a moment when he is not even touching it.

One Slip

(video version only)
Guy Pratt delivered one of his best bass guitar parts. Page played the electric guitar.

Run Like Hell

This song had always been performed as the final encore (with Pratt instead of Waters). Like One Slip, it was accompanied by the best of the available light effects.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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