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Did you know that the shadows reflected in the pupils of the giant eyes on the Pulse DVD cover belong to photographers Rupert Truman and Dan Abbott, colleagues of Storm Thorgerson? Did you know that in September 2010 it had been 16 years from the last (and first) Pink Floyd gig in Czech Republic? Did you know that the band’s estimated income in 1994 and 1995 was 62 million USD (2.5 billion CZK)?
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Messed Gadgets Of Auximines
(More Furious Madness From the Massed Gadgets of Auximenes)

Although this is not a studio album (despite the fact that is exists as a RoIO), we can't leave this significant phenomenon in the history of Pink Floyd unmentioned. In 1969 Pink Floyd performed a series of concerts under the common name Massed Gadgets Of Auximines (or seldom also More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets Of Auximenes). Each show had two parts, The Man and The Journey, and each part took about an hour. The shows were largely theatrical and although most of the songs were known from the albums, the performances were completely original.

The Man


The band performed Grantchester Meadows.


To the sound of the broadcast of a Dutch radio station, the roadies, and sometimes also the members of the band, built a table on the stage, saw cutting and filing rhythmically. Meanwhile the band, or at least those members who were not busy building the table, played a sort of a jazz piece with Wright's keyboards and Gilmour's "heavy metal" guitar. Later the song was remade and included on the Relics album as Biding My Time.


A break for the band, during which the roadies served tea on the table they had built earlier (and the fans still listened to the Dutch radio instead of music). Roger Waters later revived this on his Radio K.A.O.S. tour, but without the radio and also on the In The Flesh tour in 2000-2002, when Waters and his bandmates played cards on the stage.

Doing It!

A brief drum solo.


Organ-heavy instrumental song similar to Quicksilver from More. A tape with the sound of calm breath was played back to the opening tones of the song, creating a perfect illusion of the band being asleep.


The band performed Cymbaline.


Instrumental reprise of Grantchester Meadows.

The Journey

The Beginning

Green Is The Coulor gradually merged into...

Beset By Creatures Of The Deep

Careful With That Axe, Eugene.

The Narrow Way

An all-band version of what later became The Narrow Way, Part 3, Gilmour's contribution to Ummagumma.

The Pink Jungle

Pow R. Toc. H

The Labyrinth Of Auximines

An instrumental song based on the middle part of Interstellar Overdrive.

Behold The Temple Of Light

Another instrumental song.

The End Of The Beginning

Celestial Voices (a part of the song Saucerful Of Secrets).


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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