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Did you know that they used 420 cardboard bricks for The Wall Tour stage? Did you know that in an episode of The Simpsons named The Golden 90’s Homer can be seen taking the Dark Side Of The Moon record away from the house? Did you know that in September 2010 it had been 16 years from the last (and first) Pink Floyd gig in Czech Republic?
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A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

Signs Of Life

The song is opened by the sound of a boat and relies on simple guitar and synthesizer. It is more or less just a remade version of the demo, which in addition featured Nick Mason's vocal.
The song sets the overall atmosphere of the whole album. It could have been used as the title track, but it was rejected because the name could spark various sarcastic remarks, especially from the supporters of Roger Waters and his collaborators. However, the name the album was eventually given made Waters even happier...

Learning To Fly

Based on a keyboard instrumental song by Jon Carin, the song tells a story of how Gilmour took flight lessons. Gilmour had a reputation for excusing himself from the recording sessions, sending messages via his colleagues that he is "learning to fly."
Anthony Moore, later manager of the band Slapp Happy, wrote the lyrics with help from David.
A remade version of the song became the first CD-only single ever released (EMI CD EM 26), although EMI released a few vinyl copies for promotional purposes.
Storm Thorgerson created two promotional videos, one of which was screened during the live shows.

The Dogs Of War

Storm Thorgerson created two promotional videos, one of which was screened during the live shows.
The lyrics, that have nothing to do with the song Dogs from Animals, are basically a Gilmour's idea further developed by Moore, including the line "we all have a dark side," which is targeted against Waters.
Page's saxophone part is slightly worse than usual. Even though, the song became a regular one in live concerts and its live version, recorded in 1987 in Atlanta became a part of the single One Slip.
The promotional video was screened in live shows.

One Slip

Practically the only song with lyrics, but not music, written by Gilmour (who considers himself a far better musician and composer than lyricist).
The music was written by Phil Manzanera, the former guitarist of Roxy Music.
One of the lines even became the title of the album, although it was disputed, especially because it was the best name the "haters" could wish for (Waters never forgot to point out the similarities with reality), but also because it is a little bit too long.

On The Turning Away

This song is a typical Pink Floyd ballad, sung over subtle organ.
The lyrics were written by Moore and Gilmour.

Yet Another Movie

A slightly dull song set in the usual Pink Floyd tempo. The only highlight might be the guitar solo. Even though, especially Mason considered it one of the top moments of the album, possibly because of the attention the drum part played by himself, Jim Keltner and Steve Forman on the percussion.
Film dialogues were used as a bckground. It was one of Marlon Brando's monologues from On The Waterfront and Casablanca. Bogart's line "You've got to listen..." is the answer to Bergman's question "What have I done?" at about 5'24".

Round And Round

An instrumental encore to Yet Another Movie, often played as one track with it. There is also an unreleased 5 minute version.

A New Machine, Part 1

Possibly the worst song Pink Floyd recorded from 1970. Gilmour's almost recited lyrics are Vocoderized and backed by keyboards only.
Gilmour said the title did not have anything to do with the song Welcome To The Machine from Wish You Were Here.

Terminal Frost

A little sad and melancholic piece, driven entirely by guitar riffs, accompanied by saxophone and keyboards. Live, Gilmour added his own vocals.

A New machine, Part 2

sequel to part I, almost identical.
New Machine and Terminal Frost were both written several years prior to the release of the album.


It was said that the lyrics were about Waters, but Gilmour denied that saying that they were taken from a poem. He admitted he did not remember which. For the first time in his career, Gilmour wrote the lyrics before the music. The last line "of promises broken" was in consideration for the album's title.
The excellent sound of the guitar at the beginning and the end originated when Waters improvised with the PA system in a rehersal in the LA Sports Arena, possibly as early as 1975 on the Wish You Were Here tour.
He later said that the guitar had been recorded first, separately.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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