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Did you know that in the song Madmoiselle Nobs on the Live At Pompeii DVD, Richard Wright’s greyhound can be heard howling? Did you know that the song Poles Apart from The Division Bell is actually an open letter to Syd Barrett and Roger Waters from David Gilmour? Did you know that during one of the concerts Roger Waters told a drunk fan to come closer to the stage and then spat on him?
 Did you know... 

Wish You Were Here

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)

The song was premiered in June 1974 in France in its entirety. Along with two other relatively long songs (Raving And Drooling and Gotta Be Crazy, which later became the core of Animals), it was a large part of the concert.
Shine On You Crazy Diamond became the title track of the new album, Wish You Were Here.
Originally, the track was inspired by Gilmour's melancholic guitar theme, which was recorded accompanied by Wright's excellent keyboard. Another highlight is again Parry's saxophone.
The melody reflects the melancholy and sadness of the lyrics, that are without any doubt about Syd Barrett. The song is a rare exception, as it is the only one in which Waters speaks of his former bandmate and long-time friend openly.
The recording was marked (apart from the tense atmosphere at the studio), by many minor, but exhausting problems. No one was genuinely into the recording and the band worked mechanically and without the right spirit (which we can't tell from the final work). Waters commented on that, saying that the title could just as well been "Wish We Were Here." There were also a few accidents. When the band felt the opening song was not good enough, they started recording from scratch after weeks of work. When they finally felt it might be alright, they found that a sound engineer had by mistake applied echo on some tracks, which destroyed the song. The atmosphere at the studio was below freezing...
On the original vinyl copies, the song was divided into these parts with the following credits:
0'00" - 2'09" (Wright/Waters/Gilmour)
2'09" - 3'54" (Gilmour/Waters/Wright)
3'54" - 6'27" (Waters/Gilmour/Wright)
6'27" - 8'42" (Gilmour/Wright/Waters)
8'42" - 13'30" (Waters)

Welcome To The Machine

Waters brought this song to the studio when there were no lyrics yet and the music was created on a VCS3 synth. It expresses waters' disgust and contempt of the music industry. He felt that it was no longer art or the author's personality, but solely money, what mattered in music.
The band announced the song as The Machine Song a few times and it was possibly its working title.

Have A Cigar

This song was written as the last one, supposedly at a time when the rest of the album had already been recorded.
Waters suffered from voice problems and considering that nobody else from the band was willing to sing it (especially David Gilmour, who thought the lyrics were too harsh - if only he knew what would come next), Pink Floyd decided to hire Roy Harper (to whose album HQ Gilmour had contributed) to deliver the vocal.
Later, Waters regretted that, saying: "Not that he did it wrong, not at all, it's just that it was not us anymore."
The line: "And by the way, which one is Pink?" refers to a question Pink Floyd were asked in 1973 in a press conference about Dark Side Of The Moon.

Wish You Were Here

This is perhaps the only song in the history of Pink Floyd that had the lyrics written before there was any music.
The previous song gradually merges into this one, linked together with it by the sound of a cheap radio someone is trying to tune to a station they would like until they by chance come across Wish You Were Here.
The song is melancholic in nature. It is sung by David Gilmour with acoustic guitar and like Shine On You Crazy Diamond, it is about Syd. Or, as Pink Floyd later said, about anyone who just isn't here.
Stephan Grapelli, a string instrumentalist, was paid 300 pounds for playing a few tones hardly audible in the sound of wind at the end.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6 - 9)

A sequel to the opening song. On the original vinyls, this part was divided like this:
0'00" - 4'55" (Wright/Waters/Gilmour)
4'55" - 6'24" (Waters/Gilmour/Wright)
6'24" - 9'03" (Gilmour/Waters/Wright)
9'03" - 12'21" (Wright)
The lyrics to part 7 were used on the 1994 tour.


English version by:
Vít Benešovský, Jan "Johnny" Petrus

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