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Did you know that The Wall Live In Berlin is noted in the Guiness Book Of Records as the largest concert ever? Did you know that Pink Floyd donated 590 000 pounds to schools for mentally challenged children? Did you know that the band never played In The Flesh? live? At The Wall concerts it was always played by a substitute band and no other Pink Floyd gigs included the song.
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First Slovak Pink Floyd Revival

This band is famous for playing "unplugged" version of Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side Of The Moon. The group is from Slovak republic, playing in concert halls, clubs and so on. Besides playing acoustic, they can play also original version, plus some other highlights from Pink Floyd's discography.

The band consists of:
Jaro Merčiak - acoustic guitar, vocals, midi
Peter Kertvel - cajón, percussions
Žubo Cvanciger - bass guitar
Miro Merčiak - acoustic guitar, vocals

extended versions of Darks Side Of The Moon are played also with:
Štefan Tkáč - saxophone
Táňa Hicová - vocals
PINK choir

Please, visit their website, where you can find also demos, invotations for upcoming events and photographs from their show.

1. Slovak Pink Floyd Revival website


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