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Víte, že album Dark Side of the Moon sa v americkej albumovej hitparade udržal 736 tyzdnov /14 rokov/? Víte, že skladbu Have A Cigar z alba Wish You Were Here zpívá Roy Harper, zpěvák skupiny HQ? Víte, že v jednom díle seriálu Futurama (4x11) se objevuje optický hranol, dokonce i s fialovým paprskem na konci barevného spektra? (díl 4x11; čas asi 7:25).
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The Distant Bells

The Distant Bells band was found on 3rd November, 2003 originally as a live band for theatre play called "The Pink Floyd Odyssei" written by Přemek Dofek and Karl Carbol. Founding members were: Přemek Dofek (guitar, vocals), Ondra Bystrý (saxophone, keyboard, guitar, vocals), Honza Vokurka (keyboards), Libor Treska (guitar, vocals), Milan Zink (bass), Kuba Sedlák (ds, vocals), Iva Macíková (vocals). Before the first performance Libor Treska became the sound engineer and his possition was taken by Honza Sysel (guitar ,percussions, vocaks). The first concert was performed on 9 May, 2004 In 7 and half theatre. From this time the bands plays regularly in clubs and music halls accross the whole Czech Republic.

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