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Did you know that Roger Waters used to play golf? Did you know that the last Pink Floyd song recorded live is Comfortably Numb? The band played it with Roger Waters at a Live 8 benefit concert organised by Bob Geldof. Did you know that they used 420 cardboard bricks for The Wall Tour stage?
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Filip Benešovský and Friends

Filip Benešovsky, a big fan of Roger Waters, educated and sought-after bass player (but also an arranger and talented singer as well), firstly came with the idea of making his staging of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in 2001. The inscenation was played 22.1.2002 in Prague's club Futurum, with top Czech instrumentalists e.g. Vladimír Guma Kulhánek (bass), Jan Militký (guitar) or Jiří Neužil (keyboards) taking part (the band consisted of ten people and children choir). In 2004 the whole team was wider and back again to play "The Wall" in Pilsen - this time on main square full of rock fans. To this day, "The Wall" was played six times and was suprisingly praised by audience as well as by journalists.

Now, the The Wall will be bigger than ever in the past - see the official website of the project: The Wall 2009.

Filip Benešovský is together with brothers Kašpars part of the bigger ocassional project Czech Pink Floyd Tribute Shows.
See their profile on Czech Pink Floyd Tribute Shows

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