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Did you know that the voice at the end of the Dark Side Of The Moon album belongs to Abbey Road studios’ then doorman Jerry Driscoll? Did you know that Nick Mason is the only person to be a member of Pink Floyd all the time the band existed? Did you know that originally the character of Pink in The Wall movie was to be played by Roger Waters himself? However, his screen tests turned out to be a disaster...
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Brothers Kašpars

In 2006, Tomáš Kašpar (one of the drummers - but also keyboard players- in Benešvský's The Wall staging) joined forces with his twin brother guitarist Michal Kašpar and produced inscenation of The Dark Side of The Moon, with slightly different team, but again with Filip Benešovsky on bass and vocals and Jiří Neužil on keyboards (to name a few). "The Dark Side" was played three times and there's a DVD recording being prepared.

For more detail information, you can visit:
The Wall 2009 - offical website of their most impostant project.
Tomáš Kašpar's website

Both brothers Kašpar are also part of the occasional project Czech Pink Floyd Tribute Shows.
See their profile on Czech Pink Floyd Tribute Shows

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