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Did you know that during the bridge of the song High Hopes, a quiet harp can be heard? Did you know that certain characters of Final Fantasy VII and the Soul Eater manga-anime are named after Syd Barrett? Did you know that Pink Floyd are named after two bluesmen from Georgia, USA? Their names were Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.
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Pink Floyd Revival Czech

The project of this Czech Pink Floyd revival band began in the spring of 2003, for his birth there were the two impulses - interest in music of Pink Floyd and the band members and the success we had with occasional production of Pink Floyd songs on rock shows, private or corporate events, which at that time group (in a somewhat different composition and under a different name) played. Of these impulses came first repertoire, which included selection of the best tracks from the most famous Pink Floyd from the album The Dark Side of the Moon and ending with the last album The Division Bell, musicians plays in cooperation with the illuminator Petr Falta, giving visual aspect of the program with a rich light show using big luminous park.

The Band consists of:
Milan Bohadlo: vocals, alt- and tenor-saxophone
Jiří Máslo: electric, acoustic, lap-steel guitat, keyboards, vocals, programming
Miloslav Uždil: keyboards, vocals, sound
Miroslav Šrutek: electric and acoustic guitars
Leoš Hejduk: bass, vocals
Daneš Marinica: drums
Radka Švorčíková - vacals, cowbell, tambor
Andrea Fiedlerová - vocals, cowbell, tambor

Visit the official website of this revival band at (Czech language only).

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